Re-inventing the wheel

Re-Model-Me training company

Premier Models

With Roger’s successful ten year career in high fashion modelling, he really understands the silhouette and sizes of the male and female models. He is able to achieve development in a healthy way using ‘The Frampton Method’, teaching our models both sustainable and individual diets they can use when travelling abroad & maintaining pain free posture when standing for long periods.

Re-Model-Me training company

Derren Brown (Illusionist)

Roger is an excellent trainer - and has a truly unique approach. It’s perfect if you’re bored with the standard routine. No gym, no weights - all natural body-resistance and fresh air. He’s a walking testament to his own philosophy and a very lovely, funny, unassuming guy. And painfully attractive. I would like to be Roger.

Re-Model-Me training company

Farhana Bhula (Film Producer)

There’s bodyweight and then there’s ‘The Frampton Method’. Roger Frampton is incredibly patient and kind but that doesn’t stop him from pushing you much further than you can go alone. He pays attention to your individual needs and doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Most importantly for me, working with Roger feels natural: we train outdoors, rely on bodyweight and focus on progressions. Even though it’s never easy, I look forward to each session!

Re-Model-Me training company

Patrick Cox (Fashion Designer)

I’d heard of Roger Frampton as he is a well-known young man within the fashion industry. I now know he is a popular figure in the health & fitness industry too. Roger is flexible, trains on location which saves valuable hours for busy professionals. He tracks my diet online & has given me a schedule of cleverly laid out exercises to work on whilst I am out of the country. He later monitors my progression on my return. Passionate, professional & motivating Roger has a positive impact on my life… and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want a fashion model in their front room every week?